Tidal Skies

A new collection of limited edition prints are now available to buy online.


The Tide Swept Through Me

In my new print collection “Tidal Skies” I have been trying to capture the energy present in the views across salt marshes and coast. Evoking memories in the viewer of fleeting time and place. Immense skyscapes encapsulating a sense of solitude that one often feels when immersed in the British landscape.

This work is a very personal response to nature and the British coast line. Working predominately through the filter of memory and sketches made “en plein air” I have created expressive landscapes that capture a moment of drama. That moment when as the light fades, the sky illuminates in the most incredible and unbelievable colours leaving spectators in awe and disbelief at the light show before them. These ever changing fleeting colour moments are my inspiration.

Within my paintings light and dark interplay to form pathways through my painted landscapes. Paths created both by human footsteps and nature itself. These pathways are a recurrent theme within my work. I am fascinated by fleeting viewpoints and time. That sense of energy and connection that enables us to stand where others once stood and feel linked to the landscape and views before us.

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